Laszlo Kadar was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, a city steeped in film culture and history. He learned the craft of filmmaking there, completed his education as a DoP, before moving to Germany to pursue a career in the film industry. He started working as a director of photography for feature films, TV dramas, documentaries and music promos.
During that time Laszlo photographed many films and TV dramas that went on to win international awards including “Best German TV Drama” at the German TV Awards, the Bavarian Film Awards
Best Production Prize, the German Film Awards Cinematography prize, and the Critics Prize at the San Sebastian International Film Festival.
Laszlo took the leap into the world of advertising and within two years he became an extremely busy and sought after Director/DoP. His first work for Mercedes Benz won German Art Director Club Gold and was shortlisted at the Cannes Lions Festival.
Laszlo has worked in all corners of the world and speaks Hungarian, German, English,Italian and French. He has lived in Germany, France and Poland.
In the course of his career, Laszlo has shot over 200 commercials for major international brands.
He has worked with different industries and delivered projects filmed with multinational teams, picking up over 30 awards for his commercial work in the process. He has demonstrated a mastery of both beautiful in-camera simplicity and fiendishly complex, post-heavy CGI. 

Projects and Awards

Cannes Silver Lion/Clio Awards/London International Advertising Awards/New York Film Festival Awards/Eurobest Awards/ Effi Germany Award/German Art Director Club Gold Silver and Bronze Awards and more….
Audi/AlfaRomeo/BMW/Bridgestone/Buick/Citroen/Continental/Fiat/Ford/Jeep/Lexus/Mercedes/Mitsubishi/Nissan/Opel/Peugeot/Porsche/Renault/Seat/Smart/Subaru/Suzuki/Toyota/VW/CB12/Lidl/Bittburger Beer/Jever Beer/Koenig Pilsener/Allianz/Credit Suisse/German Telecom/German Soccer – National Team/Lufthansa/Vodafone/Onda Cero/Ave and much more…

Among many music videos, the most recent one in Laszlo’s portfolio is Rammstein’s “Seeman”.
His latest feature film as a DoP is an independent production from a young Native American director Randy Redroad’s entitled “The Doe Boy” – shot in Oklahoma, produced in co-operation with the Sundance Foundation and shown at the Sundance Film Festival, 2002.
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/showcase/9247916
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